Family and Friends Rewards

Our Family and Friends scheme is a group booking discount based on a personalised discount code being allocated to an F&F  (group) Co-ordinator. The co-ordinator shares the code – the group gets a discount and the co-ordinator gets rewarded for spreading the word! 😉

For full details, download the handy pack below.

Download F&F pack

Registering with Family and Friends Rewards is simple!


Contact us to set-up your unique 20% discount code. Please note: there’s a limited number of codes, available on a first come first served basis


Share your code with your family, friends and networks. They’re guaranteed 20% discount and we’ll keep track of how many days are booked using your unique code.


A minimum of 5 families must quote your code for you, the coordinator, to receive the 20% discount.


Once the amount of days booked using your code reaches our rewards milestones, you’ll be kept up to date with your rewards which will be awarded at the end of the year. You can choose from credit to use on camp or gift vouchers.

For more information, contact us
by email:
or phone: 0114 263 2160