More evidence of the importance of getting children active at an early age has been released following a study in Australia.  As the charity getting children active, Kings Camps has long been encouraging children to be active in their leisure time.  Experiencing the excitement and social benefits at a young age will help children develop a life-long understanding and commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

The study in Australia proves this very point.  Following over 4,000 children, scientists found those who we active in their childhood had a lower body weight and lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes by their mid-teens.

The results demonstrate the importance of exercise for children: “…this study shows the fact that inactivity seems to compromise the cardiometabolic system from a very young age,” Associate Professor Stamatakis said.

“We want children to be active, not so much so they don’t get chronic disease as children, but we want them to be active for health in their adult life because that is when chronic disease happens.”

Those who engaged in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each day at age 11 had better cardiometabolic health, less body fat and a reduced risk of diabetes at age 15.  This supports NHS advice that children should have 60 minutes of exercise a day to be healthy.

Our sport and activity camps run across the country throughout the school holidays.  With a  unique approach, it’s a great way to get your children engaged with a wide variety of activities to give them a long and happy future.